Quality Craftsmanship, Service & Great Value.

We offer advanced technical planning, as well as complete
installation services for all REMOR Solar mounting systems.


    We treat project individually addressing each separate and unique requirement, whilst meeting contractual obligations in the most cost effective and advantages ways for our clients.


    We offer a full range of project management services, from product advice to complete project delivery.


    Our collaborative project approach brings all of the services you need from concept to completion into one, seamless process.

Our services include

  • Structural design

    Z pełną analizą techniczną.
  • Site surveys

    Topographical and geotechnical (Geo-tech test).
  • Pile ramming

    Adaptable to most terrains.
  • Mounting system assembly

    By professional REMOR installers.
  • PV modules installation

    Quick and efficient.
  • Electrical work

    Cabling, DC to inventer.

Structural design

To guarantee the safety and stability of our mounting systems, our engineers conduct comprehensive structural calculations and testing. With this reliable data we are able to optimise our solutions to provide sustainable operation of your solar PV project.

Geo-tech Survey

Our geotechnical tests provide us with exact information about the soil consistency and ground classification. Results of those tests allow us to customise our mounting solution to unique terrain characteristics, significantly improving an overall structural efficiency.